We use pure Chinese medicine combined with reflection region massage will adjust your health condition, amend inner condition,and enforce immunity!

what is Chinese Medicine?

Tibetan medicine is a blend of folk medicine Chinese Medicine,Indian medicine and great food medicine and other theories,authentic Tibetan medicine is a relatively rare,it is very expensive,

Is known as a good method of health care in recent years.As people ac-knowledge now,many important organs like heart,lung, kidney, liver, stomach and etc.have relative reflexive zones in feet.By properly and skilled manipulating on these zones,the organs' function will be strengthened.Plus,the circulation of blood will be improved. Therefore, it attains good effect on health care.

Foot Reflexology​

Foot Spa may also be helpful for: Anxiety. Headaches. Insomnia related to stress. Myofascial pain syndrome. Soft tissue strains or injuries.

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